Terms and Conditions for Activity Providers

Thank you for using uppliv. uppliv is provided by uppliv AB, c/o Impact Hub, Jakobsbergsgatan 22 , 111 44 Stockholm, Sweden, email: benjamin@uppliv.com.
Use of uppliv as local Activity Provider (an "Activity Provider") requires that you agree to these Terms and conditions for Activity Providers. Please read them carefully.
uppliv may be used by you as a local activity provider (an "Activity Provider") to offer your activities via uppliv.com, your own website and via our distribution partners.
Warranty and Disclaimer. We provide our services in a commercially reasonable manner and hope that you enjoy using them. However, the scope of our services is limited to the chosen pricing plan.
uppliv is not involved in the provision of the Activity Provider Offer and, therefore you as an Activity Provider are fully liable for: (A) the reliability or performance of your offer; (B) the safety, quality, accuracy, reliability, comprehensiveness or legality of your offer; and (C) the truth or accuracy of any description of any offer or other information displayed, disseminated or offered through the service. uppliv reserves the right to suspend your account immediately in case that we become aware of a breach in any of the beforementioned points.
uppliv has no obligation to verify any information provided by an Activity Provider. You as an Activity Provider are responsible to warrant that such information is accurate.
Age Restrictions. To use the Service, you must be able to enter into a legally binding contract. You may not use the Service if you are a person who is legally prevented from using the Service under the laws of the country in which you reside or from which you access the Service.
Selling an Activity Provider Offer. If you receive a booking for an Activity Provider Offer, you agree, in accordance with the Activity Provider Offer Terms, to execute the activity in accordance with the conditions set out in the Activity Provider Offer if the booking is confirmed or your confirm the booking.
Payment for the activity is to be made directly by the consumer to an Activity Provider in accordance with the Activity Provider Offer. uppliv is not involved in the payment processing.
By using uppliv's services the Activity Provider agrees to the pricing plans as per this agreement. uppliv reserves the right to amend the pricing plan at a later stage with the option for an Activity Provider to accept the changed pricing terms or to discontinue the service. In case that the Activity Provider wishes to discontinue the service uppliv grants a grace period of six months within which the activity provider can continue using the service with the pricing conditions the Activity Provider last agreed to.
uppliv is invoicing the activity provider retroactively on a monthly basis either based on the usage (Free or Pro pricing tiers) or conditions as agreed for Premium subscriptions.
An activity provider can decide to cancel the service at any time without any lead time. In such case the activity provider needs to inform uppliv in writing to support@uppliv.com. uppliv will process the cancellation of the subscription on the next working day.
Activity Provider Responsibility. uppliv is not a party to the contract between the Activity Provider and the person booking activity offers. You are therefore not entitled to involve uppliv in any litigation or other dispute arising out of or related to any booking or agreement with any person or other third party in connection with the Service.






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Data Processing Agreement for Activity Providers

This Data Processing Agreement (“DPA”) is incorporated into and forms a part of the Terms and Conditions for Activity Providerrs or other applicable service or subscription agreement between you and uppliv AB with respect to your use of uppliv's services. This DPA sets out data protection requirements with respect to the processing of Customer Personal Data (as defined below) that is collected, stored, or otherwise processed by uppliv AB for the purpose of providing the Cloud Services. This DPA is effective on the effective date of the agreement to the Terms and Conditions for Activity Providers, unless this DPA is separately executed in which case it is effective on the date of the last signature.
1. Definitions.
The following terms have the following meanings when used in this DPA. Any capitalized terms that are not defined in this DPA have the meaning provided in your Terms and Conditions for Activity Providers.
“Customer” “you” and “your” means the organization that agrees to use the Cloud Services subject to the relevant uppliv Agreement.
“Customer Personal Data” means any personal data that Customer uploads into the Cloud Services that is processed by uppliv.
“Data Protection Law” means GDPR, CCPA, and any other data protection legislation applicable to the respective party in its role in the processing of Customer Personal Data under the uppliv agreement.
“Data Subject Request” has the meaning given to it in Section 5.1.
“EEA” means the European Economic Area.
“GDPR” means the General Data Protection Regulation ((EU) 2016/679) and any national implementing laws, regulations and secondary legislation, as amended, updated or replaced from time to time, in the European Union, Switzerland and/or the United Kingdom.
"Subprocessor" means any third-party data processor engaged by uppliv to process Customer Personal Data.
The terms “controller,” “data subject,” “personal data,” “personal data breach,” “processor,” “processing” and “supervisory authority” have the meanings set forth in the GDPR.
2. Data Processing.
2.1. Scope and Roles. This DPA applies when uppliv processes Customer Personal Data in the course of providing the Cloud Services. In this context, uppliv is a “processor” to Customer, who may act as either a “controller” or “processor” with respect to Customer Personal Data.
2.2. Details of the Processing.
2.2.1. Subject Matter. The subject matter of the data processing under this DPA is Customer Personal Data.
2.2.2. Duration. The duration of the data processing under this DPA is until the expiration or termination of the uppliv Agreement in accordance with its terms.
2.2.3. Nature and Purpose. The purpose of the data processing under this DPA is the provision of the Cloud Services to Customer in accordance with the uppliv Agreement.
2.2.4. Types of Customer Personal Data. The types of Customer Personal Data processed under this DPA include any Customer Personal Data uploaded to the Cloud Services by Customer.
2.2.5. Categories of Data Subjects. The data subjects may include Customer’s customers, employees, suppliers, and end users, or any other individual whose personal data Customer uploads to the Cloud Services.
2.2.6. Processing Operations. The objective of the processing of Customer Personal Data by uppliv is the provision of Cloud Services to the Customer in accordance with the uppliv Agreement.
2.3. Compliance with Laws. Each party will comply with all applicable Data Protection Law, including the GDPR, in relation to the processing of Customer Personal Data.
2.4. uppliv’s Processing. uppliv will process Customer Personal Data only for the purposes of: (i) provisioning the Cloud Services, (ii) processing initiated by Customer in its use of the Cloud Services, and (iii) processing in accordance with your uppliv Agreement, this DPA, and your other reasonable documented instructions that are consistent with the terms of your uppliv Agreement. Any other processing will require prior written agreement between the parties.
2.5. Customer Obligations. Customer acknowledges that it controls the nature and contents of the Customer Personal Data. Customer will ensure that it has obtained all necessary and appropriate consents from and provided notices to data subjects where required by Data Protection Law to enable the lawful transfer of any Customer Personal Data to uppliv for the duration and purposes of this DPA and the uppliv Agreement.
3. Security.
3.1. Confidentiality of Personnel. uppliv will ensure that any of our personnel and any subcontractors who have access to Customer Personal Data are under an appropriate obligation of confidentiality.
3.2. Breach Notification. We will notify you without undue delay if we become aware of a personal data breach affecting Customer Personal Data.
4. Subprocessors.
4.1. Authorized Subprocessors. You acknowledge and agree that we may retain our affiliates and other third parties to further process Customer Personal Data on your behalf as Subprocessors in connection with the provision of the Cloud Services. The current list of sub-processors includes: Heroku by Salesforce, MongoDB Atlas, Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, SendGrid. In order to be notified about changes to the list of sub-processors please send a request to support@uppliv.com. We will then inform you about any change to the list of sub-processors at least 30 days before using a new sub-processor for Customer Personal Data.
4.2. Subprocessor Obligations. uppliv will impose on each Subprocessor the same data protection obligations as are imposed on us under this DPA. We will be liable to you for the performance of the Subprocessors' obligations to the extent required by Data Protection Law.
5. Data Subject Requests.
5.1. To assist with your obligations to respond to requests from data subjects, the Cloud Services provide Customer with the ability to retrieve, correct, or delete Customer Personal Data. Customer may use these controls to assist it in connection with its obligations under the GDPR, including its obligations related to any request from a data subject to exercise their rights under Data Protection Law (each, a “Data Subject Request”).
5.2. If a data subject contacts uppliv with a Data Subject Request that identifies Customer, to the extent legally permitted, we will promptly notify Customer. Solely to the extent that Customer is unable to access Customer Personal Data itself, and uppliv is legally permitted to do so, we will provide commercially reasonable assistance to Customer in responding to the Data Subject Request. To the extent legally permitted, Customer will be responsible for any costs arising from uppliv’s provision of such assistance, including any fees associated with the provision of additional functionality.
6. Requests for Customer Personal Data.
6.1. If we receive a valid and binding legal order (“Request”) from any governmental body (“Requesting Party”) for disclosure of Customer Personal Data, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to redirect the Requesting Party to seek that Customer Personal Data directly from Customer.
6.2. If, despite our efforts, we are compelled to disclose Customer Personal Data to a Requesting Party, we will: (a) if legally permitted, promptly notify Customer of the Request to allow Customer to seek a protective order or other appropriate remedy. If we are prohibited from notifying Customer, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to obtain a waiver of that prohibition; (b) challenge any over-broad or inappropriate Request (including Requests that conflict with the law of the European Union); and (c) disclose only the minimum amount of Customer Personal Data necessary to satisfy the Request.
7. Cooperation. Taking into account the nature of the processing and the information available to us, at your request and cost, uppliv will provide reasonable assistance to ensure compliance with the obligations under applicable Data Protection Law with respect to implementing appropriate security measures, personal data breach notifications, impact assessments and consultations with supervisory authorities or regulators, in each case solely related to processing of Customer Personal Data by uppliv.
8. Customer Audit Rights.
8.1. Upon Customer’s request, and subject to the confidentiality obligations set forth in your uppliv Agreement, uppliv will make available to Customer (or Customer’s independent, third-party auditor) information regarding uppliv’s compliance with the security obligations set forth in this DPA in the form of third-party certifications and audits.
8.2. If that information is not sufficient to demonstrate our compliance with the security obligations in the DPA, you may contact uppliv in accordance with the notice provision of your uppliv Agreement to request an on-site audit of uppliv’s procedures relevant to the protection of Customer Personal Data, but only to the extent required under applicable Data Protection Law. Customer will reimburse uppliv for its reasonable costs associated with any such on-site audit. Before the commencement of any such on-site audit, Customer and uppliv will mutually agree upon the scope, timing, and duration of the audit.
8.3. Customer will promptly notify uppliv with information regarding any non-compliance discovered during the course of an audit, and uppliv will use commercially reasonable efforts to address any confirmed non-compliance.
9. Data Transfers.
9.1. Data Deployment Locations. Customer Personal Data will only be hosted in AWS Ireland region.
9.2. Other Processing Locations. Customer Personal Data is transferred outside of the EEA, Switzerland or the United Kingdom for the Sendgrid service (email communication). When required by Data Protection Law, such transfers will be governed by the provisions of Section 9.3 below.
9.3. Transfer Mechanism. Where the transfer of Customer Personal Data is from the EEA, Switzerland or the United Kingdom to a territory which has not been recognized by the European Commission as providing an adequate level of protection for personal data on the basis of Article 45 GDPR (or in the case of transfers from the United Kingdom, by the United Kingdom Government), uppliv has put in place agreements with sub-processors that ensure data processing of Customer Personal data in line with GDPR requirements.
10. Return or Deletion of Data. Customer may retrieve or delete all Customer Personal Data upon expiration or termination of the uppliv Agreement. Upon termination of your uppliv Agreement or upon your request, uppliv will delete any Customer Personal Data not deleted by Customer, unless we are legally required to store the Customer Personal Data.