How hotels can create added value for their guests

Adding value for your hotels guests through a great personalized service is often expensive. Long gone are the days where many hotels had a Concierge service that could give their guests advise on what to do during their stay and arrange the booking for them. Also, customer expectations have changed. Customers want to be inspired on what they can do at a destination before they even make a booking and often people are not willing to travel anymore unless their experience at their destination is not surpassing what they could do at home.

Here are our tips on how you can increase the ancillary revenue from your hotel guests by providing them personalized activity packages.

Family in their home

Start inspiring your customers from the moment that they do a search on your website

Imagine someone does a search for 2 hotel rooms, for 2 adults and 2 children, checking in on a Friday and checking out on a Sunday. From the moment that your potential guests have entered this information on the booking block this is a good point in time where you could inspire them with a personalized curated activity shopping cart on what to do during their stay in your hotel: A creative workshop for the kids on Saturday morning. A harbor cruise on Saturday afternoon. And perhaps a massage for the mother on Sunday morning.

Only show your guests activities which are relevant for them

Imagine you are getting a hotel reservation for one adult, check in on Monday, check out on Wednesday. This is most likely a business traveller. Make sure that the activity offer is contextualized for this customer. E. g. you could offer such a traveller a cocktail mixing class on Monday evening and a spa visit for Tuesday night.
A Business Class traveler

Let your guests choose what activities they want to buy

Providing your guests with personalized activity packages is a great idea! However, give your guests the freedom which of the activities they really want to purchase. For this, you need to offer your guests the activities as a shopping cart from which they can cherry-pick what they like.

Offer your guests the same activity package throughout the entire customer journey

A buying decision sometimes takes a while. Your guests are used to shopping with online retailers where they can place items into their shopping cart, leave the site and can access the same shopping cart again when they return to the online retailers website. Offer your guests the same great experience with a persistent shopping cart. Read more about why persistent shopping carts are so important in the travel industry here.

How can uppliv help hotels to provide their customers with personalized activity offers?

uppliv’s Digital Activity Concierge offers hotels the possibility to create contextualized activity offers automatically for their guests. The activity offer is a persistent shopping cart that can be used throughout the customer journey, from booking to check in. Hotels have the possibility to curate the content for those shopping carts themselves, both with their own activities, the activities of their partners, as well as the activities available on

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